Guidelines and Requirements for Content Area Add-on Certifications

In order to add Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or Middle Level Education, an educator must meet the following pre-requisites as required by the SCDE:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher;
  • Initial or professional certficate at the early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary, or PreK-12 level;
  • Minimum qualifying score(s) on the content area examination(s) required by the State Board of Education for the content area; and
  • Completion of all required coursework with an equivalent of a grade of "C" or better.

Two course terms will be offered: Summer I (June) and Summer II (July). College credit will be awarded through Newberry College upon completion of the course. An official transcript can be requested for the State Department verification of add-on certification or endorsements. All courses are completely online. The appropriate Praxis II Exam will also need to be completed before the state department can award an add-on certification.

To initiate an add-on request, a Request for Change/Action form must be submitted to the SCDE. This will inform you of the courses needed to receive the add-on certification in the area you seek. Please note, completing these courses will not guarantee an add-on certificate. You must complete the change/action form to determine course needs as well as pass the Praxis II in the specific area.

Complete the registration form and submit payment.

Payment is due in full 1 week prior to the class start date. If payment is not received, the course(s) will be dropped from your schedule.

For general questions, contact Daphne Poore at 803-321-5603 or email at

Please see below for images taken directly from the SCDE website for course requirements.

Courses Available Summer 2020

All courses below are being offered both June and July.

Early Childhood Education Courses

*Teaching of Reading for PreK-3rd Grade
*Literature for Children
 Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
 Methods and Materials for Science
 Methods and Materials for Math  Methods and Materials for Social Studies

Elementary Education Courses

  *Teaching of Reading for 2nd-6th Grades
  *Literature for Children
   Methods and Materials for Science
   Methods and Materials for Math
   Methods and Materials for Social Studies

Middle Level Courses

  Middle-Level Curriculum and Organization
  Early Adolescent Growth and Development
 *Teaching Reading & Writing in the Content Area


Individual Newberry Alumni Discount 20% off
$750.00 per course (3 credit hours) $600.00 per course (3 credit hours)

Financial aid may be available. Contact Danielle Bell or 803-321-5128 for more information.

Please complete the form below if you have questions about the add-on certifications, online courses, or costs.